Cooking Classes

After 10 years of research and experimentation, from Vecchio Mulino Beach decides borns Vecchio Mulino Lab, a "playground for every chef", where you can explore pressure cooking, steam, vacuum packing, drying and smoking and learn all the big little secrets behind the stove.

The cooking classes aim to teach the basics and techniques of the preparations in a professional kitchen in 4 hours.

A culinary journey through every step, from preparation to implantation, of many different recipes of fresh pasta, fillings, sauces, bruschetta, desserts. Each participant will have a work station equipped and seasonal ingredients selected from small local producers; the team of chefs is at your complete disposal and will follow each participant in the preparation revealing small tricks and helping in the customization of the recipes.


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Email: - whatsapp / tel .: 366 692 4576

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