Free shuttle to and from Peschiera train station
San Benedetto Camping Relais offers its guests a free shuttle to the Peschiera Del Garda train station on arrival and departure, during office hours, from 08:00 to 20:00.

Transfer to the airport? Goopti thinks about it!
GoOpti is an international company specialized in transfers to and from airports. It offers high quality transfer services for everyone, increasing and facilitating mobility in an economical and environmentally friendly manner.

How does it work?
Through an easy and intuitive platform; the reservation is made online with immediate response of availability and prices. GoOpti works according to the low-cost model so before you book, the lower the transfer price.

Click on this link and enter the place of departure, arrival and dates.
In the arrival or departure section just enter "San Benedetto" and the system will automatically detect the address of our Camping Tourist Village.

You can choose between:

  • The OPTI transfer: a convenient service, with flexible departure time, which brings together passengers with similar travel times in the same vehicle;
  • The FIX transfer: equally shared but with pick-up and release times set at the time of booking;
  • The VIP transfer: for those who want to enjoy a private transfer, at a reasonable price and with timetables determined at the time of booking.

GoOpti guarantees passengers the transfer, even if only one person is traveling, at any time of day or night, with assistance 24/7 if necessary.

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