4 legs Holidays

Our friends with 4 legs are very welcome: they can walk all around the camp side with a leash (except in the swimming pool area).

At our restaurants they will find always a bowl of fresh water what they are waiting for. We have created a specifically fenced area only for the dogs, a huge space where they can run around and they can be happy in the middle of green and they are completely save. For the bath we have a pet bath with a shower and a comfortable tubs. Close to the exit on the lake you can find Bracco Baldo Beach, a beach with deck chairs, umbrellas and equipped with everything where is it possible you puppy can take a bath!

When you make a reservation it is better to inform us before you have a dog. We try to give you the right mobilhome also for the needs of your dog: an example with shadow, with trees nearby and maybe a little separate to avoid the continuous passage of strangers disturbs him excessively. In case of emergency we can have contact with veterinary experts in our area, they come also for a visit to us, 24 h.

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