If you have lost or forgotten an item during your stay at our camping village, we kindly ask you to contact us as soon as possible, indicating your name and surname and possibly also the mobile home or pitch number.
Found items will be returned. The shipping costs will be at your expense.

Attention: the objects found will be kept in our offices for a maximum of 30 days; if the owners do not request it within this time, the items will be disposed of.

The booking fees are € 10.00 and entered in the account (excluding bookings made independently by BookingOnline).

At any time on our online booking. If the search is positive, you can book directly.

Otherwise you can send an email to or call us at (0039) 0457550544.

At the Reception it is possible to make payments in cash, debit cards, credit cards and prepaid cards (except American Express).

For anything you can contact us at (0039) 0457550544 or send an email to

Reservations for the next season are generally possible from November.

In any case, you can send your requests at any time by email to

The reserved days will be charged in full, even in case of delayed arrival or early departure.

The booked accommodation is held available until 10:00 on the day following the scheduled arrival; after this deadline, in the absence of communications from the guest, the reservation will be automatically canceled and the accommodation will be considered free.

The main entrance will be open to the public from approximately 7:00 to 23:00. Outside these hours, all disturbing noises are strictly forbidden and it is not possible to circulate or access by motorized vehicles.

The reception is open from 8:00 to 22:00. The cash desk for the payment of the stay is open from 8:00 to 12:00 and from 17:00 to 20:00.

There may be variations in relation to seasonality.

From 23:00 to 07:00 at the Reception the Night Watchmen are at your disposal.

Minors can access the Camping Relais only if accompanied by parents, relatives or adults who take full responsibility for them towards third parties.


In order to maintain an excellent water quality, which is continuously filtered and appropriately treated with specific products, we recommend a correct use of the jacuzzi.

Upon arrival, the jacuzzi has just been emptied, cleaned and filled, therefore a rapid deterioration in the quality of the water is caused by a wrong use.

Getting into the water dirty, greased with sun cream, dropping pieces of food or drinks inside the jacuzzi, are activities that irreparably worsen the quality of the water.

Water is precious! At every change of stay, the jacuzzi is emptied and filled again, each mini-pool contains more than 800 liters of water!
With all these considerations, if should be necessary to change the water during the stay, we will be forced to charge € 30,00.

The reserved mobilhome is available on the day of arrival from 5:00 pm and must be vacated on the day of departure by 10:00 am. After this daily hourly rate, the entire following day will be charged.


On the arrival day or, in specific cases indicated by the Reception staff, the day after it, during cash desk opening hours (8:00-12:00, 17:00-20:00).

Yes: €55.00 final cleaning costs.

We also remind you that hob, fridge, sink and dishes must be left in the same orderly and clean condition in which they were found. Otherwise, €35.00 will be added.

Upon your arrival you will also be asked for €100.00 in cash to be left as a deposit, which will be returned at the end of the stay, after verification by our Staff. Departure must take place during office hours. Otherwise, the check will be carried out at a later time, and the return of the deposit will be made by bank transfer at the expense of the beneficiary (€ 5.00).

Finally, at the time of payment/check of the total amount, the tourist tax of €1.50 per person per night will be requested, to be paid in cash as a municipal tax.

The first supply of bed sheets is always included. You will find them directly in Mobilhome, in a packaged kit to ensure hygiene and safety. Than, you can change them at the cost of €9.00 for single kit and €13.00 for double kit, by asking at the Reception.

You can bring the towels from home or rent the packaged set (1 shower towel + 1 face towel) at the Reception at the cost of €7.00 per kit.

The Top and Elite Mobilhomes with private jacuzzi, have also the first free supply of towels and bathrobes for the people booked.


The swimming pool area is available every day, from April 15th to September 30th (depending on the weather).

A main pool dedicated to adults and children over 6 years old, if autonomous, and a lagoon pool dedicated to children under 6 years old, obligatorily accompanied by an adult who will take care to supervise and enforce the spacing and hygiene-behavioral rules.

For both, entry is limited, it is mandatory to wear a swim cap and before entering in the water it is mandatory to take a soapy shower all over the body.

We remind you that in season there is a paid rental of sunbeds in the Solarium area. Swimcaps and sunbeds can be purchased at the cashier at the Prima Pasta restaurant.


To connect to Wifi, select the GUESTS network. Open a new search page from your browser and you'll automatically see the splash page where you can connect, for 1 hour with your social networks, or if you have a ticket, you can connect with username and password.

If the login splash page does not open, please click here.

We kindly suggest you, before logging in, to delete the history of search pages and cookies.

Yes, our Camping Village is directly at the lake garda. There are 2 exits and you arrive directly on the beach and the pretty panoramic walkway Clelia Guazzi Leoncini. Really close to us, in direction Sirmione, you can find the Bracco Baldo Beach.

Yes, the distance is 4 km to Gardaland. From the train station Peschiera del Garda there are the free bus shuttles  they will bring you directly to the entrance. Close to us there are other amusements parks like Canevaworld (15-20 Min), Parco Natura Viva (20 Min.), Parco Giardino Sigurtà (15-20 Min.), Aquardens ( 30 Min.).

Insurance stay Allianz

You can add Allianz Booking Protection Insurance until 24:00 (midnight) of the following day of the booking confirmation.

You can insure the deposit only or the total stay by accessing the dedicated link after receiving the booking confirmation email from us. Click here and find out more.

  • Number of people to be insured
  • Residence (Italian or foreign)
  • Booking confirmation date
  • Start and end date of the stay
  • Amount to be insured (deposit paid or total of the stay)

You can pay the insurance coverage with your card directly online and, immediately after purchase, you will receive a confirmation email from Allianz Global Assistance, with the policy regulations and the certificate.

In summary it is insured:

  • journey cancellation: reimbursement of the penalty charged or the confirmation deposit following the cancellation of the booking as a result of illness, including epidemics and diagnosed pandemic diseases (f.e. Covid-19), accident or death; pathologies of pregnancy, if it arises after the reservation moment; journey cancellation of the insured, a family member, partner or co-owner of the insured Company; quarantine of the insured or a travel companion
  • delayed arrival: reimbursement to the insured and family members staying with him of an amount equal to €150 per night for a maximum of 2 nights of unused stay in the event of delayed arrival at the place of stay for reasons not dependent on the insured and occurring during the journey to reach the accommodation booked

Are NOT insured:

  • journey started before the policy was stipulated
  • stays longer than 30 days

Are there any coverage limits?

There are exclusions, deductibles, overdrafts, indemnity limits, sub-limits for which details can be found in the dedicated section

Where is the coverage valid?

The insurance covers the destination Italy


Any requests for cancellation of confirmed bookings, in the state of advanced or partly paid, must be presented in writing.

The cancellation request must be received at least 14 days before the check-in date; the deposit paid as a confirmation of the reservation, can be used for a new stay of the same or higher amount, to be made by the end of the current season.

No reimbursement is provided, in case of special and non-refundable rates, in case of cancellations after the terms indicated above, remembering that the booked stay must be fully paid, even in case of partial cancellations.

These cancellation conditions do not apply for bookings that use vouchers issued to cover deposits paid for stays not made in the 2020 season.


At San Benedetto you can find 3 different types of platz:

  • S (suitable for tent + bike, or tent + motorcycle, current 6 A, fountains available approximately every 4 positions),
  • L (suitable for camper or car + caravan, current 6 A, drinking fountains available approximately every 4 positions),
  • XL (100 m2, perfect for large motorhomes, 10 A current and private drinking fountain).

Click here for all the details and the price list

The reserved pitch is available on the day of arrival from 14:00 and must be vacated on the day of departure by 12:00. After this daily hourly rate, the entire following day will be charged, pitch and persons.

The day before departure, during cash desk opening hours (8:00-12:00, 17:00-20:00).

Yes, it is available to Guests free of charge.

Yes, but only in the Fire Point visible on the map. Here you can use your own gas or charcoal barbecue, or use the masonry barbecues available.

No. The drains are small, that’s the reason why you can not wash dishes or drain the chemical WC. For this you can find the rights places inside our Camping Village. It's available also the Camper Service.


Yes, to access the Camping Relais or to pass through the common areas, adults and children from 6 years old.

It is possible NOT to wear it only inside your pitch, inside your Mobilhome and patio of the same.

Controls, cleaning and sanitizing of the common areas have been implemented. The toilet groups are opened according to the number of guests present in the Camping Relais.

It is mandatory to sanitize your hands with alcoholic gel present both outside and inside the rooms, in the dispensers installed, before and after touching taps, mixers, door handles, coat hangers, etc.

Admission is limited, in compliance with current legislation. It is also mandatory to wear a swim cap and take a soapy shower all over the body before entering the water. Click here for the complete rules.

The beach is free. The rules of coexistence of the common areas (mask, spacing of at least 1 m, etc.) must be observed and it is forbidden to practice recreational-sporting group activities that may give rise to gatherings.

For children it is mandatory to wear a mask in the common areas and where required by current legislation, from 6 years old. The accompanying adults must take care to supervise them and make them respect the distancing and the rules of hygiene and behavior.

In compliance with the regional provisions aimed at containing the infection, the access door to the accommodation located on the pitch must necessarily be at a distance of 3 meters. from the neighboring pitches.


Absolutely yes, pets are always welcome.

They are allowed in all common areas of the Camping Relais, with the exception of the pools area in the pool and the toilets (except Pet Bath, dedicated to them). They must be kept on a leash and the owner must take care of their hygiene and check that they do not disturb other guests.

They are allowed in all pitches and in some types of mobile homes, subject to acceptance by the Management and payment of the relative daily rate.

In the common areas, dogs must always be kept on a leash, with a maximum length of 1.5 meters, as required by the ministerial order of 06/08/2013.

They can be left off the leash only in the enclosed Dog Area, under the direct control of the owner and always respecting the other Guests.

They can never be left alone. If you need, you can contact the Reception to arrange a Dog Sitter (by reservation and for a fee).

Pet Bath: for washing, with large tubs and showers, at the group of toilets near the Reception (it is forbidden to wash the pets inside the main toilets and in any other area of ​​the Camping Relais).

Dog Area: fenced walking area, near the Reception, where it is possible to remove the leash, under one's own responsibility and with respect for other guests.

Dog Sitter: on request, reservation and for a fee.

Veterinarian: on request, reservation and for a fee.

Bracco Baldo Beach: municipal beach equipped for dogs, suitable for swimming, for a fee.


Recycling areas are available in the entire Camping Relais: all kind guests are therefore invited to use them correctly and use transparent bags for dry waste and biodegradable bags for wet waste.

Plastic, paper and glass must be delivered without bags, in the appropriate containers.

The charcoal used for the barbecue, should be given with the wet waste once cold.

It is forbidden to use black or opaque bags (waste must always be recognized by sight).