Your Safe Holiday on Lake Garda


San Benedetto Camping Relais is ready to welcome you for a safe and exclusive holiday on Lake Garda starting from the 6th of June!

Our dream is to make you live a real holiday, without worries, a deserved holiday after such difficult moments, in open air, on the shores of the lake, to rediscover the natural beauty.

We are constantly working to ensure the best offer ever and the highest levels of safety, scrupulously observing and making our own the rules of the Dpcm of 26/04/2020, the specific procedures provided by our Region in the tourism sector, the guidelines of the World Health Organization, and being careful about any updates of the same, to be always ready and guarantee the best for our Guests.

So, with our reopening, we will take the following security measures, to guarantee you a special holiday:

Before arrival, we ask you to do the web check-in by entering all the general information, of you and your family member, so, on arrival, it will take not many time for your access.

To enter and pass through common areas, it is mandatory to wear a face mask.
In the common areas, in the restrooms, near the common equipment, there are specific products for hand hygiene, and all the rooms are sanitized with specific products and with certified devices.

It is not mandatory to wear a face mask in your Mobilhome, but it becomes so as soon as you go outside, to pass through the common areas of the San Benedetto Camping Relais.
All Mobilhomes will be sanitized at the end of each stay.
For the pitches, the access door of your own accomodation (tents, caravans, campers) must respect the distance of at least mt. 3 from the other neighbor units
Inside your own pitch, the use of a face mask is not mandatory, but it becomes so when you leave your perimeter to move inside San Benedetto Camping Relais.

The restrooms are cleaned 4 times a day, 2 in the morning and 2 in the evening, and sanitized 2 times, 1 in the morning and 1 in the evening, using specific products, to guarantee maximum hygiene and safety at all times.

The chlorine contained in swimming pools water is constantly monitored to comply with the parameters set by current legislation. The crowding density in the pool is calculated with an index of 7 m2. of water per person, therefore our Staff will regulate access safely.
Before entering, is it mandatory a soapy shower of the whole body and the use of cap.
The lagoon swimming pool is dedicated to children under 6 years old, obbligatory accompanied by an adult who will take care of supervising and enforcing the distance and hygiene-behavioral rules.
The main swimming pool is dedicated to adults and children over 6 years old, as long as autonomous.

The crowding density in the solarium area (terrace and green) is calculated with an index of 7 m2. per person. The arrangement of sunbeds and umbrellas will keep distances, paths and dedicated spaces. With the change of each user and/or at the end of the day, all equipment will be sanitized by the Staff.

On the beach, in addition to observing the rules of coexistence of the common areas, the practice of group recreational and sporting activities that may give rise to gatherings is prohibited. Individual sports can be practiced, in compliance with safety measures and interpersonal distancing.

If you have any question, or you need explanation and a suggestion, we’re here, always at your disposal! Message us on Facebook Messenger or write us an email to!

Italy is one of the safest countries to stay after this emergency situation, the New York Times called it in a recent article.

Starting from 03.06.2020, Italy reopens its borders to all the countries of the Schengen area. It will be possible for foreign visitors to enter our territory without quarantine.

The camping villages, characterized by large open green spaces, where it is possible to stay away from others, sorrounded by nature and relax, are the ideal place to rediscover the pleasure of traveling and having a holiday.

Lake Garda is here to welcome you, more beautiful than ever! We’re waiting for you at San Benedetto Camping Relais!

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